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RIBE® Technical Springs – Product portfolio

RIBE® TECHNICAL SPRINGS develops and produces compression, tension, torsion, spiral and flat wire springs and bent wire parts using ultra-modern machinery. This enables us to respond to individual customer requirements.

We manufacture punched parts, sleeves and complex assemblies and assembly parts using a fully automated process on our modern Bihler machinery. Flexibly linking multiple manufacturing technologies together helps us ensure high process reliability and a streamlined cost structure.

We offer a variety of coatings to satisfy individual corrosion resistance requirements and provide a number of other essential product properties. Coating options include galvanic, organic, inorganic, zinc flake surfaces, plastics and flocking.

As our customer you benefit from synergies found within the RIBE® Group. This is because we are able to produce and assemble even the most complex components and assemblies – from the smallest part consisting of only a spring and pin to a complete radiator in a modern vehicle antenna.