Rapid development cycles

All-encompassing functional test

Future-oriented testing methods

Development and application engineering

RIBE® is more than just a highly qualified fastening element and system manufacturer. Our aim is to offer you customized solutions, especially when it comes to development and application engineering design: For example, we develop alternative materials for our cold forming process, calculate and design self-tapping and metric screws for specific applications. We select and/or develop the optimum surface, define the appropriate assembly parameters and lead application engineering tests on your components.

A key area of focus for the RIBE® application engineering department and lab is leveraging our long-standing experience to conduct friction coefficient testing. We also offer a comprehensive range of solutions for fastening systems including assembly tests on actual parts, mobile residual pre-stress measurements conducted on site and fatigue strength analyses.

Our well-equipped metallography lab enables us to perform macroscopic analyses and microscopic structural analyses on all types of metallic and non-metallic materials and gives us access to 3D imaging testing methods. All with the goal of: Creating a secure connection with your part!