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RIBE® fastening systems – Product portfolio

Solving critical fastening problems is our specialty. In addition to tailored solutions, our customers rely on our product portfolio. After all, it has been proven millions of times over:

  • RIFIXX®, the screw that holds ahead of time, significantly cuts logistics, quality and assembly costs.
  • ALUFORM®, the high-strength aluminum screws, cut weight by several kilograms.
  • RIFAST®, the completely automated sheet metal joining system, mechanically integrates different functional elements in a variety of materials and can be fully incorporated into the manufacturing process for the overall component.

RIBE® high and maximum strength engine screws with strengths of 10.9 to 15.9 satisfy engine downsizing demands. Many different geometries for self-tapping screws made of steel and aluminum for metal and plastics along with countless special screws are designed based on our manufacturing capabilities and tested in the RIBE® lab.

We also use our R&D verified forming capabilities to design and manufacture unthreaded cold forming parts. Your advantage: tremendous savings compared to turned parts. In addition, our small series department also offers fastening solutions in ultra-small and small series.